Member benefits

Pickleball Association of Western Australia Inc. (PAWA)

All members

  • Reduced playing fees at PAWA organised sessions
  • Eligibility to participate in PAWA endorsed intrastate competitions
  • Eligibility to participate in PAWA clinics, training and tournaments at discounted rates.
  • Exclusive member access and online content
  • Access to sponsor benefits as they come available 

Additional benefits for ordinary members (15 years +)

  • PAWA Ordinary Memberships include membership with the Pickleball Association of Australia [PAA] 
  • Public liability insurance cover if playing at official venues
  • Sports Personal Accident insurance cover at official venues (current as of July 1st 2021)
  • Reciprocal rights to participate in events and competitions around Australia.
  • Eligibility to officially represent WA or Australia in competitions
  • Eligibility to have your say and vote and PAWA general meetings.


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West Aust Pickleball

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