Pickleball Association of Western Australia Inc. (PAWA)





Pickleball Association of Western Australia Inc. is welcoming New Members!



To RENEW your membership, please login and click on your Account  and scroll down to select  Renew.

If your membership has already expired, click on Register Here and select Returning Member on the registration page.

(Please enure that you quote your orginal membership number to retain your original details.)

Become a member of the Pickleball Association of Western Australia Inc. (PAWA) to support the development of Pickleball in Western Australia, and Australia. 

Ordinary Membership includes membership of Pickleball Australia Association Ltd (PAA) and associated fees reflect this. Your name, contact details and PAA fee (currently $40) will be sent to PAA.

So... what are the benefits of joining PAWA? See Benefits of Joining PAWA.

 Ordinary Member (voting)   $65.00 per year (12 months and includes PAA membership)

               Note: PAA provides discounted membership for Juniors (under 19 years) and Seniors (65 years+). Discounts will be automatically applied at registration.

Junior Membership (under 15 years) $25.00 - non voting and PAA membership/benefits NOT included

(Note: PAA membership available for juniors under 15 years on request)

(Your membership is for one year from the date of payment in full)

As the membership grows so will the benefits.