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Whether your interest in pickleball is purely recreational or competitive, membership with PAWA will benefit you.

By becoming a member, you are providing essential financial support that allows the Association to identify new venues, organise more pickleball sessions and attract new players.

As pickleball grows in Western Australia, you will have more places to play and more players to enjoy playing with.

As our membership grows, member benefits grow too!

Learn more about the Benefits of Joining PAWA. Ordinary members will automatcially become a member of the Pickleball Australia Associatation [PAA] and as a valued Pickleball Australia member you will receive exclusive benefits from PAA partners.


Ordinary membership - $65

Note: PAA provides discounted membership for Juniors (under 19 years) and Seniors (65 years +). Discount will be applied automaticaly at registration.

Junior (associate) membership - $25 (under 15 years)


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